Sunday, November 6, 2016

Reconstruction Information Idaho Falls - Asbestos Removal & Reconstruction Information In Idaho Falls

By Skylar Price

6 Nov. 2016

Once thought of as a miracle mineral, Asbestos, as we have learned over the years, is anything but a miracle. But that did not stop our ancestors from using it as an ingredient in thousands of products over the years. Asbestos was not initially readily available; it was only during the late 1800's that large deposits of the mineral had eventually turned up in Canada.
Our technicians in Idaho Falls are specially trained to deal with asbestos removal. We are willing to put our expert training to work for you, assisting in removing and providing reconstruction information regarding addressing this sort of material used during the construction of some of the buildings erected in the United States.
There are several versions of asbestos known by the professionals at SERVPRO that occur naturally throughout the world. The substance was used to assist in constructing several buildings and without learning more about the proper ways to handle it; it can cause quite severe hazards to your health. So much so, that we avoid using it in the United States at all these days.
SERVPRO technicians receive training about the distinctions in the crystalline structure of Asbestos that divides the mineral into two separate groups, serpentine, and amphibole.
Chrysotile - The only form of the mineral classified within the serpentine group was a material primarily used in the construction of buildings in the United States. Commonly referred to as 'white asbestos.'
There are. However, five different types of asbestos categorized within the amphibole group. But only the following two types are found in large enough quantities to be worth using.
Amosite - The second most widely used type of asbestos used during the construction of buildings and referred to as 'brown asbestos.'
Crocidolite - Primarily used as a high-temperature insulation material.
These types of asbestos get crushed, milled and graded after being extracted from the Earth. A process that produces long, thread-like fibers of the material.
Our SERVPRO technicians specialize in identifying some of the most common materials used during the construction process that have the possibility of containing different versions of asbestos. Including, plaster, fireproofing insulation, textured paints or coatings, boilers, ducts, pipe wrap, cement and even exterior siding or roofing materials, just to name a few.
Several federal agencies oversee strict regulations concerning the handling and restoration activities involved with asbestos-containing materials (ACM).
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Has jurisdiction over issues with asbestos that affect the air, water, and land. They focus on minimizing the release of asbestos fibers into the environment.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) - Handles regulations focused on worker health and safety issues that also include proper procedures for performing asbestos-related work.
It is vital to leave the handling of any materials you suspect may contain asbestos in any form. Call SERVPRO of Idaho Falls today. (208) 423-5365